Sunday, 18 April 2010

Understanding twitter (info)

Now a great many people use twitter to promote their shops.

I beleive that everyone understand the concept of followers, and the more you have, the more people will read what you tweet?

I'm sure that many of you understand that messages can be re-tweeted.

How many understand the RSS button? the RSS but apears on all sorts of places, like at the top of forum threads, but with twitter it can sever a second purpose.

Did you know that instead of just having the people who 'follow' seeing what you tweet. people who click on the RSS feed button can as well.

Also remember that once you click on the tweet button, you can't delete or edit what you have said. anyone could be watching.

Even if you try and keep seperate accounts, one for your private tweets and one for your shop.

Once something is posted out into the WWW, it's there forever.

Anyone could be watching your tweets. Even Me (but then i'm Illiterate so i can't read?)

Ooopps is posting info 'throwing my weight around'


  1. LOL woody! I used to have my twitter linked to my facebook. One day I couldn't seem to get facebook to work properly, so I'd posted and deleted on there several times before it "worked"....then went over to twitter to discover every one of my failed FB posts was the. spam anyone?

  2. Wee correction - you can delete tweets.

  3. LOL! Nifty that is so funny-and if it were me then it would have taken me ages to realise-by that time the few fans I have would be lost....
    Woody I posted something similar earlier about 'presenting your business image'. It fell on 'blind eyes'....

  4. Kat

    When i say you can't delete, I'm basically saying that you have sent your message. RSS feed will still show it, and if it's been re-tweeted, the new version still exists.

    Think of it a bit like your email. you can send an email, and then delete it in you sent folder, but it's still been sent, and if it's been forwarded, so do any other copies.

  5. You are so right when it comes to the Internet. Once it is said it is out there for good. I ALWAYS watch what I say in forums, and on Twitter. I am not much of a user of Twitter and I don't have a Facebook account either. So yes you do have to be careful as to what you say. Nothing is private anymore in the WWW :-)