Sunday, 13 December 2009

Google Analytics

The World View

For this first post on Google Analytics, I thought I would look at the origin of visitors to my shop, and not just how they found me.

As is to be expected the majority of my visitors came from the UK. But I was surprised to see some unusual countries popping up from the overseas views, here’s a breakdown of countries

United States = 15 unique visitors
Not Set = 14 unique visitors
Greece = 6 unique visitors
France = 4 unique visitors
Canada = 4 unique visitors
Norway = 3 unique visitors
Poland = 3 unique visitors
Denmark = 2 unique visitors
Austria = 2 unique visitors
Australia = 2 unique visitors
Turkey = 2 unique visitors
Slovenia = 2 unique visitors
Hungary = 2 unique visitors
Romania = 1 unique visitors
Ireland = 1 unique visitors
Switzerland = 1 unique visitors
Armenia = 1 unique visitors
South Korea = 1 unique visitors
Jersey = 1 unique visitors

That just goes to show that the World Wide Web is truly world wide. These results are found by using the map overlay function, you can also zoom in and see which towns in which country your getting your visits from.
Now to do a breakdown for the UK
London was home to the highest number of visitors with 328, next came Bracknell (must be feltique telling her friends), Then came Nottingham with 41 (my home turf, but actually figure is higher when surrounding areas are added in like Beeston with 6, and Bullwell with 5, add all the local areas together and it add's up),Birmingham on 28, Manchester on 25, I could go on but you can see loads of feedback by looking at where you get hit from.
On of my future plans is to follow a track on orders, and see how after sales promotion may be working (more in the future).

(edit; I've had visits from around 190 different locations in the UK, but too many to list by name, so i've just given the top five above)


  1. this is very interesting woody as my top visiting countries are different to yours, being UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Canada, etc xx

  2. with people search by key word, and of course word of mouth, the origins of these sources will be forever unknown. but it's nice to know we have a world wide audience

  3. Really interesting Woody, I had no idea you could find this out from the Map Overlay!
    I've just posted a similar thing on my blog too, with a link to your shop of course!
    Tracy x

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