Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Listings Part 3

What to do when listing, How much to list
So now you know how to list items (one at a time, every 30 minutes plus) so as to get the best use out of the page views on the handmade archive. The next questions are;- How much stock in my shop? & what should I do to drive traffic to my shop?

First, I’m going to take the second question, and fill in a few blanks from last time.

You have just listed an item, We’ll take the code from that item and promote that new listing, so what do we need? The code which will be http://folksy.com/items/ and the five digit number for the item, we then take that code and post it on our facebook page, we twitter it, we stumble it, we flickr it, we post it to any groups we may be members of (groups/facebook). We also keep a record of this and every 5 to 10 days we re-promote the item.

The other question is how much stock to have in our shops? The survey told us that people have mixed views on how much stock to have in our shops. To recap
Items percentage
1 to 10 16.9%
11 to 20 28.8%
21 to 30 15.3%
31 to 40 16.9%
41 to 50 13.6%
50 or more 8.5%

We need to bear in mind that some people are still stocking their shops, but I think that most people get bored after looking through more than 5 pages (max 60 items). I believe that how much stock is a personal choice, but each page holds 12 items and 36 items for most people is plenty.

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