Saturday, 31 October 2009

Survey Results

Listing Items

I’m just going to list the highlight of the survey results here, we need to remember that the results are only from people who bothered to do the survey, and some people did not answer every question.

1. Many people list more than one item at a time (30.5% always, 67.8 sometimes) (97.1%).
Only one person never lists more than one item at a time

2. Only one person would say ‘NO’ if they were offered advice on the best method of listing, But some (27.2%) don’t know, or would look at it, before rejecting it

3. 65.9% of people use a careful calculation to decide the price of there items.
13.6% guess (6)
13.6% Base it on others prices (6)
6.8% just cover costs

4. 32% of people list on Sunday, the most popular day, followed by 16 on Monday, 6% on Tuesday, 12% on Wednesday, 14% on Thursday, just 6% on Friday and 14% on Saturday (9 people skipped this question).

5. The Evening is the most popular time to list (55.9%), with the Afternoon being 32.2% and the morning at 20.3%

6. 72.9% have been given no comments about their prices, with 20.3% who have had comments, while 6.8% can’t remember

7. 44.1% of people list after they have made something, with 45.8% after they have a good photo, and 5.1% (3) after a sale, of the ‘Other’ comments, when the person has ‘Time’ is the overwhelming factor.

8. 83.1% of people have no limit to how much stock they will list in there shop, with 13.6% (8) setting a limit and 3.4% don’t know.

9. Stock in shops
1 to 10 is 16.9%
11 to 20 is 28.8%
21 to 30 is 15.3%
31 to 40 is 16.9%
41 to 50 is 13.6%
50 or more is 8.5%

10. Of the 59 people who have completed the survey, only 48 wanted to be sent the results

My Conclusions

Some careful though will go into my comments, but some things are clear from the start, Sunday is the day when most people list, and with most people listing more than one item at a time, items will fly down the ‘Buying’ page, as everyone list new things, I do know that I have had sales on Sundays, but without some way of tracking traffic to the site (Google Analytics) it is hard say if this is peak or not for visitors.

I have some strong suggestions but wish to keep this post short (every post seems to be long), so I’ll post some comments latter.



  1. Interesting results. I would have guessed that sunday would be the busiest day for listing (I tend to avoud it) with some people working all week, making on Saturday and photographing and uploading on Sundays. For me the results have given me a clearer picture of when to avoid listing, evenings and weekend will become flooded before any other time.

    The results on pricing are good though, it shows the majority of people are putting a deserving price on their work (as they should).

    It would have been nice to see the outcome after more people had taken the survey, I think it would have given a more accurate picture.

    You're right that Analytics would be a great help in determining peak viewing times, not only for our individual shops but also for the site as a whole. I often wonder if customers even look at the buying page to be honest. From the people I've asked who have visited the site it seems they start on the home page (as is expected) and immediately use the categories to navigate the site and ignore the buying page altogether!

    I've testing this by listing items at different times of the day and allowing them to sit for a few hours. This way I've received 2 views at the most. Its tweeting the direct link that bumps my views, not the item being seen on the buying page.

  2. Once again, Leanne, you have clear vision, and a good understanding of whats occuring.
    When one does tweet, you are often dependant on your followers, and my concern is the same with facebook, a lot of work needs to be done to increase ones followers on both, and hope for reciprical links.
    I am doing some research at present of how to increase followers on both mediums, post to come in the future.

  3. They need to be the right kind og followers though. I've heard some people say that they don't get the benefit of twitter and I think that's down to not seeing the results. I tried during the week tweeting links for a few people to show the benefits of having the right kind of followers and following them in return. When I post a link to one of my own items on twitter the views will jump to 100 in a matter of seconds and quite a few of my sales have been because of twitter too.

    I also posted on my own blog earlier in the week to highlight the reasons why I will and (more importantly) won't post a link on twitter.

    I love taking part in the community on twitter and its very important to me that anyone following me on twitter or is a fan of my facebook page knows that when I post a link its because its something that I genuinely like. Its all about trust, my followers trust me enough to know that the links I post are worthy of their time to take a look. People who just post links all day every day lose that trust very quickly.

  4. Thanks for your hard work Woody.
    Give us your honest, strong opinions, we can take it!
    I was surprised and pleased to see such a high percentage of sellers pricing with logic.
    Hopefully your previous post was a help. It was to me anyway.

    I saw a listing at 30 pence a few days ago. Take off Folksys 20p and Paypals fee and the seller was ending up in debt!

  5. Thanks Woody - nice to know which the quieter days are - although I guess now everyone else knows that will change!

    Mel xx

  6. Thanks woody, Really interesting results!!